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WhippedUp Platform

WhippedUp will help you discover new and exciting ways of using your ingredients. This platform allows looking for flavor combinations and recipe ideas that you can use to optimize the ingredients you have at home and hopefully save some money.

At this time, this platform is experimental and subject to changes. Please report any data inconsistencies you may find.


Currently, Eetr web can do two things.

  • Flavor pairings, You may ask questions like:
    • zucchini, feta cheese, tomato
    • spices for steak?
    • spices and cheese for broccoli
    • what 20 kinds of cheese pair with malbec?
    • what herbs go well with pork and bok choy?
  • Recipe Ideas:
    • ideas with chocolate and tomato
    • what can I cook with polenta?

Experimental Features

If you set up your dietary preferences in your profile, we will do our best to match them and only show relevant information.

Information about the platform and credits are available here.