WhippedUp Platform

The WhippedUp Platform Is a Machine Learning (ML) - based platform that intends to make cooking easier and more sustainable.

This platform is powered by open source software and research works that are outlined in the citations section.


All images in this platform were licensed through Shutterstock, royalty-free asset: #1089000332.


The core of this application was developed with proprietary hand-built datasets, and data derived from research work.

To support the development I leveraged the following datasets:


Some components of this platform were released as standalone open-source frameworks:

Data Privacy

The WhippedUp Platform does not collect user data without consent. Users may choose to report incorrect data that will be used only with the intent of enhancing inference and user experience. Additionally, the web application enforces user log-in as a way to limit indiscriminate use and scraping of the data that might lead to excess operational cost.